Who we are

Experts in strategy – pure & simple.

TheBlack is a strategy advisory firm based in Melbourne with over 12 years experience helping local and global organisations grow their businesses and strengthen their market position. Our mission is to arm our clients with the strategy and associated capabilities they need to seize competitive advantage and become market leaders.

TheBlack excels at strategy – pure and simple. Our approach is collaborative, market-focused, forward thinking and proven. Our expertise has been gained from working within organizations, and advising clients across a broad range of industries and markets.

We help clients understand the rapidly changing face of their market, and we equip them with the tools they need to capitalise on those changes – ultimately providing the insight and strategy that delivers measurable and sustainable competitive advantage.

Types of Clients & Industries

We’ve worked with companies across many industries in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and Europe to develop winning strategy. Irrespective of size or specialisation, the common mindset of all our clients is a willingness to think outside the square and a desire to challenge the norm.

  • Corporates | Multinationals
  • Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Start-Ups
  • Industrial Goods and Services
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Financial and Business Services
  • Marketing Communications | Agencies

Why theBlack Strategy?

Killer business strategy.

Positioning your business to change the game.

To win in the short, medium and long-term, you need to understand the nature of the game. We help crystallize our clients competitive positioning, which ultimately informs their strategy. We’re not simply looking at today – we take a long-term view and encourage our clients to be forward thinking too.

We think outside the square and challenge the conventional wisdom. We combine deep strategy expertise, a broad level of industry knowledge and intelligent market engagement to develop clear insights and recommendations into how to create competitive advantage and value in business.

Strategy is all we do.

It’s all about wearing one hat well. We focus on strategy – and just get better and better.

By specializing to such a high degree, we have formulated a unique and refined way of creating business strategy, which engages our clients and mobilizes them for action.

Our approach is pure, proven and always firmly grounded in a market-oriented context – resulting in a sound knowledge base that offers unique perspectives, insights and strategy.