We have the expertise and tools to help clients explore where to play – and identify how to win.

We identify sources of competitive advantage and create long-term value by helping clients become leaders in their markets.

Our methodology has compelling origins – tried and tested on countless projects across many industry sectors. Its foundation is built upon a solid fact base about the clients competitive environment and relative positioning, the case for change, and the identification of the ambition for the future.

We explore and dissect in order to identify critical behaviors, relationships, trends, strategic imperatives and drivers of value. We utilize deep segmentation, powerful analytics, proven frameworks, and clever customer engagement to develop insight, proprietary ideas and powerful strategic relationships.

Competitive Positioning & Business Strategy

A company’s right to win in any market depends on a clear strategy that measures its capabilities against its changing environment, identifies its competitive positioning today and into tomorrow, and aligns and builds its sources of competitive advantage to satisfy market needs and customer demand.

Four elements make up how theBlack tackles competitive positioning and business strategy:

  1. The Way You Play Your current business model and how you identify and create value for your customers.
  2. Capabilities and Relative Positioning Your portfolio of products and services and how they deliver value to market versus your competitors.
  3. Product and Service Fit Based on your model, relative positioning and market trends, which elements in your portfolio are profitable and will grow…and which will not.
  4. Strategy to win Creating a strategy which understands a company’s changing environment, pursues a clear strategic direction – or the way to play, identifies and builds competitive differentiation consistent with that direction, and sells products and services that deliver value — consistently better than the opposition.

Growth Strategy

We help clients grow by driving their core business to full potential and pursuing growth segments that strengthen their core. Growth can come from segments and sub-segments where clients currently compete or through targeting new sectors or markets and acquisitions of other companies. We help clients identify growth opportunities and determine how, when and where to compete.

Value Based Segmentation

To search for and identify opportunities, we help our clients segment their business and develop a more detailed and granular perspective on value, trends and strategic drivers. Segmentation allows us to explore, identify and define the capabilities our clients must exploit or build to win, rank opportunities based on market strength and revenue potential, and create plans to build these capabilities and deliver them to market.

Market Engagement to Deliver True Insight

We believe the true knowledge source behind identifying opportunities and growth lies within markets. We identify, engage and partner with key stakeholders and customers within markets to help our clients develop valuable insights which uncover future opportunities, sources of growth and nurture strong strategic relationships.

Customer relationships Engaging customers to earn their advocacy, identify proprietary insights and cultivate a source of future business opportunity.

Innovation Ongoing customer-led new product development so the value proposition is strong, different and meets future customer needs.

Communications Strategy Develop and plan client communications strategy that is aligned and delivers on their business strategy.

Some of the Key Questions We Address

  • Which segments are most profitable and growing?
  • What is the relative positioning of each competitor?
  • What are the critical success factors in supplying each segment?
  • What can we do to improve our relative advantage or disadvantage?
  • What product and service features do we need to develop to improve our advantage?
  • What can we learn from customers today to develop new opportunities and to better compete tomorrow?
  • What specific moves will position us for greater success?
  • What will be our competitors response?
  • Can our current business model take us into the future?