What we do

Emerge from the black – to a space of clarity.

Strategy should make the complex simple. It’s about knowing what business you’re in – or should be in – identifying opportunities and sources of competitive advantage, and devising a plan to be better than your competitors at delivering on your promise. We help our clients identify and develop proprietary insights, capabilities and actions that serve their customers better than the competition and drives their business to full economic potential.

TheBlack has the experience and tools to map the competitive landscape, and to support clients to identify the key actions necessary to create opportunities and build competitive advantage in today’s constantly evolving economy. The result – nimble and market-driven strategy that help clients successfully compete in local and global markets.

Why theBlack Strategy?

We work as a team, and our clients are the winners.

The best results are achieved by working together. Collaboration simply leads to better answers.

We come to better answers as a team – and our clients own the success. We believe that working hand in hand with our clients is the most effective way of extracting valuable insight, building capability and mobilising internal support.

Our approach engages our clients customers – delivering market faced opportunities and strong customer insights. Together, we get to the heart of the matter faster and build the foundation for enduring relationships.

We unlock our clients minds.

Our clients are the true industry experts. We unlock their expertise and help them realize the possibilities.

We understand the power of what lies within our clients minds. We partner with clients to identify, unlock and harness their knowledge in order to capture insight and develop strategy that is comprehensive, collaborative and cost effective.

Where required, we capture or source the most current and accurate research, so our clients only ever pay for information that is imperative and valuable.

The benefit of hands-on proven expertise.

We’ve done strategy many times before. We’re rather good at it.

Our thinking is that creating the best strategy requires expertise built on sound experience. Our clients benefit from having access to our experience at their fingertips – every step of the way.

We are highly experienced hands-on leaders, and we demonstrate this experience on every client project. It takes decades to accumulate valuable real world experience and seasoned strategists only become so after leading countless projects across a number of industry sectors. We have a proven track record of thought leadership, integrity and the ability to clarify even the most layered business challenges.


  • Methodology

    We have the expertise and tools to help clients explore where to play – and identify how to win.

    We identify sources of competitive advantage and create long-term value by helping clients become leaders in their markets.

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  • Philosophy

    Every client is uniquely different. Our guiding principles remain unchanged.

    The principles behind the way we do business strategy have been conceived and proven on numerous successful client engagements and form the foundation of how we build relationships, identify client opportunities and create value.

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