A Technology Company desires the best market positioning.

Understand where the value truly lies to deliver the optimum market positioning.

Different market positioning can bring varying degrees of success. Business strategy that delivers an understanding of where the most customer value sits, will deliver the optimum success.

1. Client Brief

The Need – ‘After many years of development, we need a current understanding as to the best entry strategy into the Australian marketplace. What is the optimum market & customer positioning? What will the value propositions look like?’

The Context – Due to a long & complicated development cycle, which included many roadblocks, obstacles & a changing end use marketplace, the client was seeking an up-to-date perspective as to the validity, value & positioning of its new enterprise software product. Previous strategy work had identified 2 market channel opportunities. Furthermore, business drivers & related technologies have evolved since development first began.

2. Approach

  • Interviews & workshops to define competitive dimensions – value based prioritization
  • Customer & market segmentation analysis
  • Key customer identification & engagement to understand, model & measure value
  • Positioning & relative value of each market segment
  • Profitability & business opportunity in each attractive market segment
  • Strategic fit, attractiveness of customers & end use market segments moving forward
  • Critical success factors in supplying each attractive market segment

3. Findings & Recommendations

  • Based on the competitive dimensions & value drivers of today and into the future, the best fit – in terms of value to the customer & value to their clients, existed in only one of the two original target markets
  • Of the two original target markets, only one represented an opportunity large enough to meet the clients ROI, revenue & profit parameters
  • Of the customers in the selected target market, one was identified with the best fit due to its market share & scale
  • A strong & compelling value proposition for the target customer – in terms of business improvement KPI’s and benefits for their end customers

4. Results

  • Successful entry & capture of target market channel
  • Target customer captured
  • Client ROI, revenue & profit budgets met