Helping leaders get to where they need to be.

Strategy that gives you certainty and confidence.

True leadership means knowing what to do and when to act. It means making decisions with certainty and confidence. Not ahead of time before being armed with crucial knowledge, and not too late so that the opportunities have passed. We help business leaders lead their teams, with conviction. In simple terms, we empower them to act.

We understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face in the real world because we have honed our own skills in the real world. We help clients understand the different choices they have and the critical means they need to make strategy decisions with greater certainty. We ask the relevant questions, gather the pertinent information, lay the options bare, structure the framework to move ahead and devise the most appropriate solutions, in a practical and measurable way.

Some ways we have helped our Industry clients:

  • Planning for the launch of a new business, the expansion of an existing business into a new market or the acquisition of a new business.
  • Understanding where markets and customers are going, providing insight into the drivers and dynamics of a target market and its key customer segments, identifying pockets of value and competitive models.
  • Understanding the drivers behind declining business performance – and identifying strategies to improve positioning.
  • Developing a strategic response to a competitors actions.
  • Understanding sources of future risk and the implications for strategy.
  • Developing unique segmentation models to identify sources of value and potential efficiencies.
  • Positioning and value proposition development.
  • Complete business strategy development to identify the competitive positioning of today and move to the preferred positioning for tomorrow.
  • Identification and qualification of profitable growth opportunities for the short, medium and long term.