Partnering with Agencies to identify winning client opportunities.

Understand the clients business to deliver the targeted marketing strategy.

We give Agencies the crucial piece of the puzzle. Agencies who are able to demonstrate a clear understanding of their prospective clients competitive positioning and implications on business strategy will always gain favour – especially during the pitch. We partner with Agencies to help them develop the competitive understanding of their current and prospective clients business strategy. In simple terms, which products, in which markets, with which customers and against which competitors.

We identify opportunities based on the positioning of today and the preferred positioning for tomorrow. By partnering with us, Agencies have access to a strong business strategy capability. We assist Agencies to develop targeted marketing strategy and pitch proposals by focusing their creative capabilities on qualified and relevant business opportunities within the realities of their clients competitive landscape.

Some ways we have helped our Agency clients:

  • Direct-To-Consumer [DTC] business & marketing strategy
  • CRM strategy and implementation.
  • Planning and preparing a pitch for new business – business and commercial strategy.
  • Detailed understanding of an existing clients competitive positioning and business strategy – and identifying opportunities for future growth.
  • Developing unique segmentation models to identify sources and pockets of value.
  • Positioning and value proposition development.
  • Providing insights and identifying opportunities for innovation within product and service segments.