It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Should you call it how you see it or just play along?

By employing rigorous analysis and strategic thought, the Agency can refine its own value proposition and increase its likelihood of success. The recommendations from the winning Pitch will also foster the ultimate success of its prospective clients business.

1. Client Brief

The Need – ‘A new player in the retailing of cosmetics and personal care products and services is looking for the right identity – store branding, layout and merchandising concepts, BLT and digital communications strategy. The Pitch brief does not provide enough insight for us to work with. How can we better understand the proposed customer positioning and business strategy so that we can prepare the winning Pitch?’

The Context – The retail space for cosmetics and personal care offers intense competition and increasingly blurred product segments and channels to market, plus varying degrees of growth and attractiveness across product and customer segments. The proposed entry strategy and aspirational positioning is too broad and potentially miss-aligned. Do you say nothing and merely give the client what they think they want, or do you recommend a better positioning, proposition and related brand identity?

2. Approach

  • Background research to understand the category domestically & overseas – insights
  • Interviews & workshops to define competitive imperatives – value based prioritization
  • Segmentation analysis across products, markets, customers & competitors
  • Competitive positioning & relative advantage of each player & product offer
  • Understanding of the size, composition, profitability & opportunity in each sub-segment
  • Strategic fit & attractiveness of customers & end use segments
  • Critical success factors in supplying each segment
  • Client proposed competitive positioning options and scenarios
  • Brainstorming of proposed positioning and communications strategies

3. Findings & Recommendations

  • Overall proposed retail store competitive positioning – and value proposition based upon market insights and competitive opportunities
  • Product and service positioning – the best products and services based on changing trends and future product innovation
  • Customer and market positioning – the best customers based on attractiveness, shifting purchase behaviour and changing degrees of customer sophistication
  • Brand and communications objectives
  • Brand positioning, guidelines and brand blueprint to fit recommended store positioning – creative ideas and concepts
  • Communications strategies aligned with business positioning, including digital implications

4. Results

  • Pitch Won – Agency thinking and recommendations 100% adopted. Level of business and market understanding was the dominant factor behind the success
  • Positioning recommendations accepted & adopted
  • Branding, retail store layout and mechanising concepts accepted and implemented – business launched
  • Communications and digital on-line strategy commenced