Advising the Advisors.

A classic case of creating a brand that establishes and communicates the preferred competitive positioning.

Competitive positioning provides the perfect environment in which to develop a real gem of a brand. By developing a unique understanding of products, markets, customers and competitors, the competitive positioning crystalizes the brand and identity – right before the clients eyes.

1. Client Brief

The Need – ‘An existing client, currently a 3rd Tier player in the management consulting sector is looking for a new identity – re-branding, BTL and digital communications strategy to lead its push up into Tier 2 and beyond. We require the right skills so that we can work with our client to identify and articulate their preferred competitive positioning, which will in turn allow us to precisely develop the brand territory, positioning and communications strategy’.

The Context – To jump into the Top Tiers of this sector, this player requires an identity that transmits to its prospective clients that it has the capability and credentials to undertake highly important and costly projects versus the current status quo. Counter to its previous identity, this client requires its new brand and digital platform to work for it by targeting and engaging customers, while also ensuring these customers clearly understand what this organization stands for versus the competition.

2. Approach

  • Background research to understand the industry – insights
  • Interviews & workshops to define competitive imperatives – value based prioritization
  • Segmentation analysis across products, markets, customers & competitors
  • Competitive positioning & relative advantage of each player & service offer
  • Understanding of the size, composition, profitability & opportunity in each sub-segment
  • Strategic fit & attractiveness of customers & end use segments
  • Critical success factors in supplying each segment

3. Findings & Recommendations

  • Competitive positioning – based on competitors, products and services, markets and customers
  • Brand positioning – brand territory and blueprint developed to fit recommended positioning – creative ideas and concepts
  • Communications objectives and strategies to align with competitive positioning – including website and social media platforms

4. Results

  • Competitive positioning recommendations 100% agreed and accepted
  • New identity and branding recommendations 100% agreed and accepted
  • Communications objectives and related strategies 100% agreed and accepted
  • Implementation completed – customer re-branded, plugged in and successfully climbing