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  • Engage your market to find the answers

    Many companies view business strategy as an internal process, keeping their cards close to their chests – a close guarded secret. They view their customers as the enemy, someone who can negatively impact their profit and revenue if they are given too much influence. These companies tend to build internally focused business strategy, and subsequently […]

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  • Clients are the true industry experts

    The common proposition of today’s management consultancies is ‘we are the industry experts!’ This means you, the client, should use their services because they know more about your marketplace than you do, irrespective of your level of experience and expertise. This thinking and approach to business strategy contains many flaws that ultimately inhibits successful outcomes. […]

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An Engineering Company wants to identify the sweet spots.

Understand your strengths…and play to your advantage.

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What’s all the FIZZ about?

Demonstrating superior capabilities by aligning your Pitch with your customer’s business opportunities.

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